Growing up watching Fashion File and living for the supermodels of the 90's era, Kimberly was inspired by the glitz and glam of the styling industry from a young age. She started off cutting her brothers' hair and creating up-do styles for the girls she babysat, eventually working in a salon by the age of 15. She attended Blaine Beauty School thereafter and graduated in 2005. She began assisting first at Paul Kenneth Salon and received extensive training in 11 different color lines. She continued thereafter perfecting and growing her craft, learning all that she could with every new experience, and building her own unique brand of clientele working at Shag, Mario Russo, and finally here at Love and Mercy.

Kimberly is adaptable and multi-talented as a colorist, stylist, and specialist in hair extensions. From bright blondes to intense color correction, as well as a signature cut and blow-dry, she wants for her clients to leave her chair feeling gorgeous and cool, but always wanting more! Whether popping in some extensions or adding a couple effortless face-frame highlights, Kimberly is known for her ability to work her schedule to satisfy the needs of her clients.