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These services are the foundation of what we do. We believe that in order to excel in your skill, you must first fully understand the fundamentals.

T H E  A P P R E N T I C E S H I P     P R O G R A M

We have spent years curating and polishing our very own apprenticeship program so that we can offer newly licensed stylists or barbers further education in the advanced skill sets needed in order to blossom into confident professionals within the industry. The program is broken down into numerous sections that primarily focus on Cutting and Color. Upon starting the program, you’ll undergo our Styling/Blowout course to ensure that you are fully prepared to assist stylists on the floor during their services. You’ll then begin general training that can take place between four and six weeks. From there, you begin either the Cutting or Color curriculum, going through each section together. Once you’re close to finishing our main education program, you are eligible to begin our “hybrid program” in which you take clients on the salon floor.

Classes currently take place every Monday. Apprentices are required to have 1 model per day in order to meet class requirements and advance in the program. Model services within the program are a discounted rate paid to your mentor/instructor. Apprentices are also eligible for tips and retail commission immediately upon starting our hybrid program. Color, supplies, and professional products are provided during classes. Future Stylists are only required to have their own tools upon starting the program. (Blow-dryers, shears, clippers, hot tools, etc.)

Our educators are fellow LOVE AND MERCY stylists who have been through our own Apprenticeship Program.

During the program, apprentices will also be assisting on the floor, which involves anything from mixing color for stylists, shampooing clients, blow-drying clients, to overseeing the color room’s organization and ensuring that the salon floor is always presentable to our guests. Shifts/schedules are scheduled weekly. Apprentices are required to attend any advanced training we bring into the salon.

Our program is designed to prepare every apprentice to be the most confident and professional stylist that they can be. While apprenticing/assisting requires a lot of effort, focus, and time, we’re confident that any of our stylists who’ve been through the program will tell you that it’s completely worth the investment.

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